Solar System Lifetime Service and Support

  • March 1, 2023

Simple Lifetime Service:

With your ongoing permission and network access, it is our intent and commitment to service your solar energy system for its expected operating life of 25 years or more.

Over the course of this commitment we will electronically monitor your system, alert you of alarms and issues, update inverter software as may be required, and respond to service issues.

For the first 5 years after install, Plymouth Solar Energy has a
"No Questions Asked"
service policy to our new customers - and no service charges

Our response to system issues begins with remote diagnostics, and may subsequently require on-site work in support of adjustment or repairs.

After Five Years
Should any equipment fail we will continue to help you capitalize on all on-going manufacturer's warranty programs and may cover equipment failure. In instances where the equipment is under warrantey, there will be a Plymouth Solar Energy service charge (labor and incidental hardware).

If a component of the system is not covered by warranty, Plymouth Solar Energy will offer a plan to replace that component along with a clear 'technical/labor service charge' for such instances.


  • Lifetime Monitoring - with permission and network access
  • Owner Alert and Response
  • Warranty Support 
  • Incentive, Utility, PTS, and No Questions Asked Support
  • Defined Technical and Labor Charges after Five Years

Get in touch today or leave a comment below to learn more about solar system installs and solar system monitoring and warranties.

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