Plymouth Solar Energy takes Drone services to new heights

  • April 25, 2023

Plymouth Solar Energy’s new licensed drone operation makes research, planning and service faster, more efficient and safer.

The FAA pilot’s license for unmanned aircraft earned by Plymouth Solar Energy’s Fred Paris, solar energy pioneer and a respected industry expert, takes the company to new heights.

Plymouth Solar Energy started simple with drones, occasionally using one to take photos of rooftops. For commercial rooftop assessments, they found that a drone was accurate, safer, and quicker, in gathering rooftop measurements around stacks, vents, air conditioners, and other rooftop mechanical systems.

To do anything more than simple photos, the company had to hire a drone service or gain an FAA pilot’s license for unmanned aircraft. Having the license would allow the company to fly better technology and develop in-house mapping applications. For maintenance services, a drone with infrared lens could be used to spot solar panel hot spots, avoiding costly downtime.

“We envision the day when we can send a drone from our office to a solar site miles away for a full video reconnaissance,” notes Paris. And he added, smiling, “given that our commercial drone license allows us to carry more than 20 pounds, parts delivery is only the ‘bureaucracy’ away.”

Plymouth Solar Energy ( is a regional leader in the installation and maintenance of commercial and residential solar and battery systems. The company boasts over 200 installed and on-line monitored solar systems within 50 miles of Plymouth.

A lifelong environmentalist and recognized solar energy expert, Paris launched the Wind Sun Institute – the predecessor of Plymouth Solar Energy – to serve as a technical trainer to solar manufacturers. This evolved to teaching solar energy commercially across the U.S. including at Babson College. Paris taught Strategic Planning at Northeastern University, and wrote the solar curriculum for national certification ‘NABCEP’ classes at Massasoit Community College. Paris started Plymouth Solar Energy with Massasoit students.

Get in touch today or leave a comment below to learn more about solar system installs and solar system monitoring and warranties.


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