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We want the world to better understand and better harness the power of solar to fuel their lives and reduce their personal costs and global footprint. 


A world filled with solar homes, planes, trains, and automobiles with continuous innovation and opportunities.


To anticipate, meet, and exceed the needs of the people and companies embracing solar.


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Our Team

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We build our company like a family. Creating trust and loyalty. Preventing confusion and surprises.

Friendly Fred
Founder & Vision

Fred Paris

Fred has combined his former military and MBA experience along with his love for solar to provide a solid foundation to live his mission. He continues to build relationships with local businesses and educate local homeowners and business owners on what type of solar initiatives, incentives, and opportunities are available to them.

He went from educating students at universities in the early days of solar decades ago, to designing hundreds of systems for local businesses and home owners. 

Nothing makes him happier than providing a home for his team and being a long standing reliable local solution for solar customers and suppliers.

When Fred is not at the office or out preaching solar, he's traveling with his wife or spending time building innovative aviation devices.

Greg Aborn headshot 03 31 23
Head of Service

Greg Aborn

Greg is the friendly expert making sure your system is getting setup properly and on time.

He oversees the design, planning, scheduling, install, and billing of our projects and service customers.

If your system is not working, chances are Greg will know exactly how to fix it, or he knows who or what will.

Danny Nyman Plymouth Solar Energy photo
Head of Solar Enablement

Danny Nyman

Danny rolled into the office his first day on a bicycle and has been known to do the same for customer meetings and prospecting.

He attended Cape Cod Community College for Environmental Science and has always believed in solar and sustainability. 

If you're interested in anything solar, he would love to speak with you about how it works and what's in it for you.

Licensed electrician and solar battery testing equipment

Beyond Our Team

We don't let just anyone work at our company or service our jobs. 

Our knowledgable staff care about our mission and feel they are part of a family doing more than just a job.

The designers, general contractors, electricians, and hardware suppliers are companies and people we have worked hands on with for years. 

You don't want strangers working on your home, and neither do we. Welcome to our family!

Careers at Plymouth Solar

We're always looking for the best and brightest in solar. If you're local to Plymouth and have experience in the solar industry, please reach out about a job opportunity at Plymouth Solar.

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