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•   We are pleased to announce that the state has finally released the long-awaited Mass Solar Loan program. This state-backed loan program helps homeowners to buy solar PV systems, allowing you to keep all the tax credits and SREC payments that are typically surrendered with Solar Leases or Power Purchase Agreements. The Mass Solar Loan offers subsidized interest rates, and provides for a possible purchase subsidy based on earnings.

This program is backed by a limited pool of state funds, so we advocate that you act sooner rather than later. This is not a home equity loan, so it does not appear as an attachment to the equity you hold in your house, and it does not require a home appraisal.

Plymouth Solar Energy is one of the limited number of Expedited Installers that the Mass Solar Loan has approved, and since this loan program starts with a submission by the solar installer, perhaps this is a good time for us to talk. Click here to learn more about the program: http://www.masscec.com/programs/mass-solar-loan 

  • Plymouth Solar Energy is now a Southeastern Massachusetts distributor of All Earth Renewable's heliotropic, bi-axial solar tracking systems. What's that mean?  Like a sunflower, our systems track the sun throughout the day, improving efficiency and electrical output by up to 45% over roof-mounted or stationary pole-mounted/ground-mounted systems!  Call us to see what solution fits your unique needs best: (508)746-5430.

7/24/15 The Boston Globe highlights the resale value of renewable energy systems:


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