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Solar For Business

More and more small- to medium-sized businesses are installing solar to cut operating costs, get control of rising energy prices, and generate new income.

Plymouth Solar Energy designs, engineers and installs solar electric systems for companies and municipalities throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.

A solar electric system is virtually maintenance-free and pays for itself in less than 7 years – the shortest time ever.  After that, it generates income for additional years, and savings for 30 years or more.

 The benefits of solar energy for businesses include:

  • Reduced operating costs through lower electric bills
  • Revenue from selling solar credits (called Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, or SRECs) for prices considerably higher than the retail price of electricity
  • Increased property re-sale value
  • Tax Credits from the federal government
  • Tax Credits from the state government
  • Ability to use accelerated depreciation on the system over five years.

Commercial Needs Differ

As part of our Commercial Solar Feasibility Study, we evaluate your current and future power needs.  We calculate the breakeven analysis, return on investment, and the corporate appetite for short term debt.

Our experience over the past decade in the commercial market has revealed differences in SREC structures, loan sources, and utility response to new commercial solar projects.  We use our expertise to help manage all of these processes.

Because commercial projects are often larger than residential solar installations, special considerations, documentation, and approvals are often required.  We initiate and complete all of these to ensure a successful outcome for you.